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About Malaysia
Malaysia is rich in culture and a haven for food. It comes as no surprise that our country is well known for its variety of cuisine. From gourmet to hawker food, these are all easily available at affordable prices. Here, one can experience a wealth of cultural and racial diversity that is both colourful and unique.

Situated in the heart of Southeast Asia, Malaysia enjoys a tropical climate with no natural calamities. It is sunny all year round with occasional rain and temperatures ranging from 28°C to 36°C at night. Lightweight clothing is advised. The time zone here is 8 hours ahead of GMT.

The national language is Bahasa Melayu, but English is widely spoken and understood, and taught as a second language. AT KDU, the subjects are taught in English. The people of Malaysia also converse in a range of Chinese and Indian dialects.

Diverse cuisine from gourmet to hawker food is easily available at affordable prices. The unique and authentic cooking styles and flavours of Malay, Chinese, Indian and the other ethnic communities is a very fulfilling experience. Apart from local cuisine, Western, Japanese, Middle-Eastern, Korean and many others can also be easily obtained.
Why study in Malaysia?
  • Quality Education Programmes
    With more than 135,000 international students in our midst, universities and colleges in Malaysia have proven to produce quality and highly employable graduates.
  • Affordable Cost of Living and Tuition Fees
    Aside from affordable tuition fees catering to students from all walks of life, another great reason to study in Malaysia is the relatively low cost of living. Whether students choose to live on or off campus, they will find that it is quite possible to live very comfortably within a budget of USD5, 000 per year. With many different forms of public transportations available travelling is convenient.
  • English As Mode of Delivery
    Despite Bahasa Malaysia being the national language, English is heavily emphasised in Malaysia. Universities and colleges utilise English as the mode of delivery for its programmes, ensuring quality and relevance to the fast-changing and evolving industries out there.
  • Multi-Ethnic Population
    A multi-ethnic country, Malaysia comprises of three main ethnic groups; Malays, Chinese and Indians followed by many other ethnic groups rich with heritage and culture spread across the Peninsular and East Malaysia.
  • Food Haven
    If there is one thing this country is famous for, aside from education and heritage, it’s food. With wide selections of cuisines available, the Malaysian gourmet landscape has transformed with influences from different parts of the world.
  • Safe and Comfortable
    In Malaysia, the majority of universities and colleges are located in prime areas that are surrounded by facilities to ensure comfortable living for students. In all major cities, students will find the vital amenities necessary to their well-being in every corner. 
Living away from home is a student’s first step towards independence. Our staff from Accommodation Services will be on hand to assure that students have a pleasant and comfortable stay while studying in Malaysia.

All international students are required to stay at the accommodation provided by KDU for one semester.
KDU has various accommodation choices including our on-campus KDU Residency as well as off-campus housing alternatives.

For more information, please click on the Accommodation page. 
To help students integrate better into life as an undergraduate, the Student & Alumni Centre (SAC) is available to assist them with the non-academic aspects of university life. Our priority is to provide the best service for students to make life in KDU more enriching.

Every new academic intake will commence with an orientation week to brief and get students acquainted with studying life in KDU. We believe that education is not confined to the classroom, but can happen just about anywhere. We have various active social clubs catering to a wide range of interests including debate, dance and sports, just to name a few.

Do join our KDU International Students Society (KISS) to get to know more international students from all around the globe. KISS was officially launched in 2007 and serves to bring students of various nationalities together in order to foster racial harmony and to encourage a closer rapport between the students. Since its inception, KISS has organised numerous activities including KDU International Day.

KDU Cultural Initiative Program by KDU International Student Society
This programme is designed to assist international students, new to KDU University College and KDU College, acclimatise to their new surroundings faster. The series of events that will take place throughout the year for every major intakes are:

The First Day: Many international students are not only new to KDU, but to Malaysia as well. ‘10 Things You Should Know About Malaysia’ will give our international students an overview of the country they will call home for the duration of their studies at KDU University College and KDU College.

The First Week: Some dive right in and adapt to new culture, new surroundings and new environment, while others may find it somewhat difficult and need time to adjust. Whether our students thrive from their start in KDU or need a little time to adapt, ‘Homesick? Share with us’ is an event to ensure that both local and international students, together with the staff, are there to provide support for each other during this period of change in their lives.

The First Month:We will survive’ is a fieldtrip, where international students will be taken on a guided tour of not only the Glenmarie and Shah Alam area, but also to explore Kuala Lumpur, the nation’s capital via public transport. Students will also taste a variety of Malaysian cuisine.

The First Year: The ‘International Understanding Day’ is all about sharing the history, background and culture of the different nationalities, which make up the student body of KDU University College and KDU College. This event will be a celebration of diversity and aims to promote inter-cultural awareness amongst the students.

For more information. Please contact: 
Ms Sharifah Azura Binti Tuan Muda
Tel: +603 7953 6649 /